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Our mission is to provide entrepreneur assistance to startup founders and small business owners in finding business resources, executive mentoring, and business networking.
Business Questions

Submit startup questions via email, and expert opinion responses will be provided within 48 hours.

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Customer Payments

Paypal payment process for services, products, and payments not specifically itemized elsewhere.

Executive Mentoring

Your personal coach and mentor, a former startup executive, at your beck and call.

$1000.00 Retainer
Custom Agreement

Startup Professionals Experience Startup Professional Services

Startup Professionals Consulting

One-Hour Conference Call - $150

Schedule a personal discussion with an experienced Startup Professional on any aspect of the startup:

• How to incorporate a business
• Write an investment-grade business plan
• How to create a financial model of the business
• How to protect or patent the concept
• How to traverse the minefields of funding alternatives.

Follow-on discussions will also be at $150/hour. Conference calls with multiple advisors can be arranged.

Advisory Board Service - $1000/Month

Your personal coach and mentor, a former startup executive, at your beck and call, during that critical growth period when management style and focus are the key to success.

Contact will be arranged to your requirements, but normal minimums are one hour per week, telephone conference, supplemented with email and phone support as required.

Event Speaker Service - $1000/Day + Expenses

If you are planning an event and would like Marty Zwilling as a speaker, or to host a session relative to entrepreneurs and startups. Please call to discuss topics and format. Popular topics include the following:

• Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?
• How The Investment Process For Startups Really Works
• Building An Investment Grade Business Plan
• 10 Common Mistakes Made By New Entrepreneurs
• Setting Your Startup Valuation For Investment Or Sale

Startup Assessment and Valuation Report - $1000

This valuation report will provide documented evidence to potential investors of the equity percentage that you are prepared to offer for a current investment or sale of your startup.

Startup Professionals has extensive experience in valuing startups for investment purposes, as documented by articles published on Forbes and other publications, as well as participation in Angel investment groups. We will prepare an expert report, based on your business plan and progress to date, for your use in attracting investor equity, or other Merger and Acquisition activity.